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 About Us 



Founded in 2016 by artists Ankica Mitrovska and Kenneth Moore, Brashnar Creative Project, as a non-profit initiative give artists and writers from around the world the opportunity to engage in contemporary artistic practices while living a self-sustainable lifestyle in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia.  


Becoming friends in graduate school, Mitrovska and Moore first met in 2011 where they found common interests in the process of art-making, travel, cultural exchange and learning about self-sustainable lifestyles.  During their studies in contemporary and modern artistic practices, their interest in gardening prompted them to start growing herbs and some vegetables in their studios and apartments, while harvesting available fruits and vegetables found in public parks and gardens.  These activities re-kindled memories from their childhood and how their families invested time in raising gardens to provide food during summer, fall and winter.  Both families would use various traditional techniques for food preservation such as canning, pickling, making jams and compote. 


Since graduating with a Master of Fine Arts in Painting, Mitrovska and Moore have collaborated on projects including public interventions, video performance, a documentary and mural along with their respective practices.  It is this common ground in their lives, art, travel, and living a self-sustaining lifestyle, that have forged a partnership to help establish Brashnar Creative Project.


The Team



Ankica Mitrovska, Founder and Program Director 

A visual artist that works in drawing, installation and video performance, she holds a BA in studio art from University of Alabama in Huntsville and a MFA in painting from Wichita State University. Currently, Mitrovska lives in Skopje, R. Macedonia  and exhibits internationally.

Kenneth Moore, Co-Founder and Director of Communications

A visual artist that works in drawing, painting, and performance using aspects of the everyday as starting point, he has a BFA in drawing from Missouri State University and a MFA in painting from Wichita State University. Currently, Moore resides in southwest Missouri.


Tome Mitrovski

A master builder from his 20 plus years of working in construction


Slavka Mitrovska

She specializes in gardening and traditional Balkan food preservation techniques.


Jana Trajcevska







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