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 Why “Brashnar”? 



“Brashnar” is a Macedonian term that means flour man or flour merchant when translated to English. 


This profession has a long history with Ankica Mitrovska’s family where her great grandparents on both her father and mother’s side of the family were flour merchants, with one being an owner of a family flourmill. 


















The dedication to hard work and living a sustainable lifestyle is a family tradition that has been passed down from one generation to the next and the creation of Brashnar Creative Project is grounded in passing along the knowledge of generations to all who is willing and interested in learning.





About Republic of North Macedonia and Macedonian Culture



Republic of North Macedonia has a long storied history ranging from Alexander the Great and his empire to the Ottoman Empire and more recently was a former republic of Yugoslavia.  Situated in the southern part of the Balkans, Republic of North Macedonia is steeped in tradition in its’ way of living to this day. Over the last two plus decades there have been modernizations to their way of living, but many people still practice a self-sustaining way of life.  Passed down from generation to generation, families learn how to grow gardens, nurture fruit trees to seasonal harvest, and food preservation techniques that will provide for the family throughout the fall and winter.



More about Republic of North Macedonia:




Learn some macedonian language at :




 Flour Sifter or Sito za Brashno. (Image.)


This flour sifter has been passed down generations in Mitrovski's family since the beginning of the 20th century. It is an inspiration for our organization's logo.

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