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 Frequently Asked Questions 




 Am I eligible to apply? 


Brashnar Artist-in-Residence program accepts applications from visual arts, new media, literature and research. Applicants to the residency must have completed their undergraduate degree or experience equivalent to that before they attend.


 What countries do you accept applicants from? 


Brashnar AiR is an international residency program that accepts applicants from all over the world.

 Does Brashnar AiR pay for travel costs or provide stipends? 


As an independent, artist funded residency, BAiR is currently unable to provide any funding or stipends for travel to the residency program.


 What is the length of one residency session? 


The length of a one residency session is 1 month.


 How many artists/writers come to the residency each year? 


Brashnar Artist-in-Residence program can currently house up to 6 (six) resident artists per month with a possible total of 30 artists attending during the 5 months of residency program.


 How far in advance do I need to apply? 


To apply for the 2024 summer residency sessions the applications should be sent in for the months of June/July/August/September by May 15th, 2024. Early applications are encouraged.


 What is the selection process for the residency? 


A panel of professionals review submissions with decisions based on the quality of the proposal and the support materials submitted and ability to interact positively with the community at large.


 Do you provide visas for international artists/writers? 


As an non-profit organization we cannot provide visas, but if an artist/writer needs any information to apply for a visa to come to R. North Macedonia we can provide a letter of invitation to the residency.  Most countries do not require a visa to visit Macedonia and most artists/writers are allowed to stay up to 90 days. Below is  a link* providing countries that do require a visa.  



 What expenses are related to the residency? What is included in the residency fee?


Please refer to our residency information page for the answers of these questions.  


 What kind of artists do you look for or choose to work with?


Currently we can support artists that work with drawing, painting, digital photography, video, performance, installation art, small to mid-size sculpture, printmaking (linocut or wood cut) land art, new media, socially engaged practice, cultural research, and literature.  We look for contemporary artists willing to engage with the local community and to push themselves creatively through experimentation and risk-taking.


 Can family/pets stay with me?


Pets are not allowed to stay at the artist residency. Friends or family are able to stay up to 5 days in the Art House at an additional 15 euro per day per person. 


 Will I need insurance?


The artist is responsible for arranging insurance to cover any possible accident, loss or damage (including but not limited to health insurance and general liability insurance) during their stay in North Macedonia.


 Do resident artists have to participate in the garden work?


The garden related activities are a part of the Brashnar AiR residency program and artist requirements while attending BAiR. The garden responsibilities are generally very minimal and only requires approximately 2 - 4 hours a month as the garden is grown and maintained by the artists for the artist's to harvest.


 Is smoking allowed in my studio/living space?


All buildings connected to the Brashnar Artist-in-Residence program are smoke-free facilities, but outdoor community areas and surrounding area allows smoking.


 What recreational or extracurricular activities are available?


Skopje offers many possibilities to step away from your work for a few hours or for a day.  Located just 50 meters from the Art House are two walking trails that follow the river Vardar.  There are bakeries, bars, ice cream shops, restaurants and fast food places all within 15 minutes of walking. The downtown area is about a 20-minute bus ride and has many restaurants, bars, and bakeries along with multiple galleries and museums. For longer excursions, Brashnar staff members organize half-day to full day groups trips to locations around Skopje to visit nature/hiking trails or monuments as well as a 3-day group trip to lake Ohrid in the southwest part of R. North Macedonia at the end of each residency session.


 If I am selected for the residency invitation and am unable to attend, may I defer?


If an applicant is invited to attend the residency but is unable to, the invited artist/writer must have accepted Brashnar’s invitation to attend the residency to be able to defer.


 When is the deadline for applications?


The deadlines for sending in applications are for the months of June/July/August/September by May 15th, 2024. 


 Is it all right if I need to come a couple of days late or leave early from my residency?


Understanding the possible difficulty in finding flights arriving on the exact day that your residency starts, it is okay if you arrive a day or two late or have to leave a day or two early.


 What is the Internet set up at Brashnar?


The Art House has wireless Internet on all levels of the house and around the outside of the house.  Laptops, tablets, and other wireless devices are recommended for artists to bring if they choose to use the Internet. 


 Are there home cooked meals at Brashnar Artist-in-Residence program?


During their stay at BAiR, residents are responsible for their meals with group dinners occurring 1-2 times each week. Brashnar staff members also prepare traditional Macedonian meals 2-3 times a month. All residents have full access to harvest fruits and vegetables from Brashnar AiR gardens.


 Do you accept applications for collaborative projects?


Brashnar AiR program accepts and encourages artists to apply for collaborative projects.


 Is the sketch-bookmaking workshop mandatory? What will be required of me during the workshop? What do I need to bring with me to take part in the workshop?Does a fee apply to attend the workshop? 

No, the workshop is not mandatory.
The workshop will require between 3 - 5 hours of your time during one day depending on the type of book being made. A 15 euro Fee apply to attend the workshop, with all of the fees being used to cover the materials and tools during the workshop.


 Where is Brashnar Artist-in-Residence program located?


Brashnar Artist-in-Residence program is located in the residential neighborhood of Hrom on the western part of Skopje, the capital city of R. North Macedonia.


 What is the weather like in Skopje?


During spring and fall, temperatures can fluctuate with highs around 80 F/26 C and lows around 40 F/4 C and also brings rain.  Once summer arrives, temperatures tend to stabilize with highs in the 90’s F/ 30's C with sporadic rain and the warmest months being July and August.


 How do I get to Brashnar Artist-in-Residence program?


Depending on where the resident artist is coming from, Skopje can be reached by plane, train or bus. A Brashnar staff member will meet the resident at their final destination point and take them to the Art House.


 What currency is used in R. North Macedonia and will I need to exchange money before going?


The currency used in North Macedonia is the Denar.  The exchange rate for the dollar ranges from 58.1 denari for 1 dollar and around 61.5 denari for 1 euro.  You can exchange currencies before you arrive in North Macedonia but you do not need to.  There is an exchange center and multiple ATM's  within a 5 minute walk from the Art House.


 How do I find out who is attending Brashnar while I am there?


Once the Brashnar Artist-in-Residence program has received confirmation from all artists who have been selected, those artists will be posted online and contact information will be sent out in emails to attending artists.





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