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A video testimonial by Amelia Doban/ writer /Australia,

Karolina Zapal / writer/ USA and Ryan Mihaly / mixed media / USA


Brashnar Artists-in-Residence September 2018

"I have had the pleasure of being a resident-writer for a month at Brashnar, in September 2018. When I say “pleasure”, it is not just a word I am using lightly. I am a poet from Romania, I have done a lot of residencies before this one and I came to Skopje with a major problem, which I had had for almost 3 years: writer’s block. I don’t know how or why, but, by the end of the month, my problem was solved: I produced three pieces of new work here and I have been continuing writing since. I blame this on the very relaxed atmosphere, created by the organizer, the excellent living conditions and the beautiful art spaces from this place. A big plus is the country itself and its people: Macedonia is a beautiful country, that, now, has a place in my heart and the people here are very nice, helpful and always with a smile on their face!"

(Adrian Cretu / writer / Romania)

Brashnar Artist-in-Residence September 2018

"Thank you Brashnar AiR! Thank you all the creative forces in here,    Thank you Universe."

  (Julia Kukkonen / video/performance artist / Finland)

  Brashnar Artist-in-Residence July 2018

"Great memories. I feel I have made friends for life besides  developing my artistic experience."


"I miss Brashnar AiR so much and I loved the experience. if you are looking for a residency, I would definitely recommend Brashnar Creative Project."

  (Liliana Washburn / painter/ USA)

  Brashnar Artist-in-Residence July 2018

"I sure miss Brashnar Creative Project! You can be sure that I will be back to visit."


"Thank you for having me! I made some lifelong friendships, learnt so much about myself and experienced pure magic (Mt.Kokino). See you next time!"

(Jessie Balletta / printmaking / Australia)

Brashnar Artist-in-Residence June 2019

"THANK YOU, Brashnar AiR for facilitating such an amazing month. So many wonderful and inspiring experiences and conversations. Blagodaram, dobro, mnogu dobro!"

(Deirdre Porter Hanson / multimedia / UK)

Brashnar Artist-in-Residence September 2022

"Everyone should visit friendship country"


(Jannine Gaspari / painting / USA )

Brashnar Artist-in-Residence  August 2022

"Brashnar Artist-in-Residence was so special, I hope to go back one day" 


(Mine Kleynhouse / sculpture / S.Africa)

Brashnar Artist-in-Residence May 2019

"Such a beautiful place and such a wonderful residency, Ankica!"

(Clara de Capua / multimedia / Brazil)

Brashnar Artist-in-Residence September 2017

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