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 Residency Information 

 Residency Program 


 Resident artists are expected to participate in all aspects of the residency program.


  • A guided tour of the surrounding neighborhood and city center either as a group or individually (depending on resident arrival) during the first days of the residency 

  • Informal meeting and welcoming traditional Macedonian dinner for all resident artists prepared by Brashnar staff members

  • A short informal presentation of artists’ work at the beginning of the first week.

  • Garden related activities up to twice a month totaling approximately 3 - 5 hrs (planting, harvesting fruits and vegetables, garden maintenance, food preservation, pickling, making of marmalade, pinjur, ajvar)

  • 1-2 short group trips to locations outside Skopje (Lake Matka, Mountain Vodno, Katlanovo natural thermal bath, Observatory Kokino etc.)

  • 1-2 scheduled group dinners per week

  • Up to 2 traditional Macedonian group meals at Volkovo Project Space prepared by Brashnar staff members

  • Cultural exchange night through meal preparation, cultural dances or other various forms of exchange (each resident can choose a night to honor their culture)

  • A 3 day/2 night trip during the last week of the residency to Lake Ohrid in the southwest part of Macedonia

  • Open Studios Event at the end of the month with resident artists presenting their process/ work to the neighboring community and the local art community


The residency program applies to each month residency session (June-September) with variations to the program occurring due to weather or time of the year.


 Donation of Work 


  • Each artist is required to donate a Do-it-Yourself text/visual instructions.  The inspiration for this comes from the Do It book written by Christian Boltanski, Bertrand Lavier, and Han Ulrich Obrist.  The ideas shared among all attending residents are possible group or community projects used to continue to strengthen and bond the artists with the community.


 Residency Fee 


The current fee for attending the residency program is 450 Euro per individual per month with 

  • Private studio (13sq. meters or 20sq. meters)

  • Private bedroom (single bed, closet space, pillows, linens, towels, blankets) in a shared family style living area 

For collaborative groups of 2 persons the fee is 350 Euro per person per month with:

  • Large Shared studio 

  • Shared bedroom (2 single beds, closet space, pillows, linens, towels, blankets) in a shared family style living area 


The residency fee for individuals or collaborative groups of 2 include:​

  • Staff Member assistance in projects and finding materials 

  • Art House/Volkovo Project Space utilities

  • WIFI

  • Access to basic and electric hand tools 

  • Variety of reclaimed materials for projects

  • Organization of Open Studios Event at the end of each month ( invitations, snacks, drinks )

  • A guided tour of the neighborhood and the city center (as a group or individual depending on  the arrival of the residents)

  • Unlimited supply of seasonal fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables from our garden

  • Basic herbs and spices for kitchen

  • 2-3 group home-cooked traditional meals prepared by our staff

  • Participation in a sustainable lifestyle 

  • Transportation to and from the airport or bus terminal

  • Transportation to and from Volkovo Project Space

  • Organization and transportation  for group trips: (Possible destinations include Canyon Matka; Zebjarnik Monument; Kokino Observatory, Krushevo, mountain Voodno Katlanovo natural thermal bath, Ohrid Lake etc.)



 The following basic studio equipment is available to all residents: 


Worktables, chairs


Drawing boards

Clamp lights

Basic hand tools (scissors, meter ruler, hammer, screwdriver, trowels, protective eyewear and face masks, pliers, handheld saws, a level, wire cutter, hot glue gun, finishing brush for concrete, caulking gun, tape measure, clips, box cutter etc.)

Electric hand drills and saws

Studio and work clothes

Traditional sewing machine and a electric sewing machine

PC desktop computer


A small printing press for linoleum and woodcut

Assorted tools and hardware are available for general use. Some studio supplies can be acquired in Skopje and we encourage you to be resourceful with what is already at hand, but please bring any specific materials and tools that you require for your practice with you.  


Residents are welcome to ship materials to the BAiR's address prior to their arrival.


For specific questions about tools and items available, please contact us at:   


 Expenses not covered by Brashnar Artist-in-Residence: 


Materials for studio practice

Travel expenses to Skopje

Food/meals not from our gardens

Any personal travel in and around the city


 Confirmation Fee 


Invited artists are required to pay a 150 Euro non-refundable confirmation fee to secure the desired residency session.



 Payment Method 


​​For paying the non-refundable confirmation fee, we can offer two forms of payment, Pay Pal or international bank transfer. The remainder of the residency fee can be paid using these methods.


-  Bank transfer:

Once applicants have accepted the residency invitation they will receive an email with the information needed for a bank transfer if that is the payment option chosen. Note that there are fees that apply for international bank transfers.

-  Pay Pal:

If you choose this payment method, you will receive a payment link from us via email with your invoice and it will transfer you to Pay Pal’s secured payment page. When using Pay Pal, note there is a 4.9% transaction fee added to your payment.  


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