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 Brashnar Artist-in-Residence (BAiR) 


Brashnar Artist-in-Residence (BAiR) is an artist owned and operated urban artist residency program located in the neighborhood Hrom on the west side of Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia. BAiR is a multi-faceted residency program allowing resident artists the freedom to explore the potentials of their practice while experiencing Macedonian culture through group related activities.


Why the neighborhood Hrom? As an artist led project, Brashnar Creative Project aims to directly influence the process of decentralization of the arts and culture in Skopje. Introducing the possibilities of contemporary artistic practices to the local and surrounding neighborhood for gaining new perspectives and knowledge further strengthens the bond between Brashnar Creative Project and the community.

While residing at BAiR, residents live in an open, communal style environment situated in a family oriented neighborhood. During their residency, residents are encouraged to embrace the local culture and to engage the surrounding community while living at the                 . Residents also take part in maintaining Brashnar’s organic gardens at the                                      and learning how to live a sustainable lifestyle.


The residency program is open to all visual artists and writers that strongly encourage work utilizing innovative and traditional forms of art making along with collaborations, artist-led projects and socially engaged practices. This is a self-directed, process-based residency with no obligation or expectation to complete a body of work, but artists are expected to engage with the community during Open Studio events organized by Brashnar that take place the last week of each month.

Brashnar Artist-in-Residence offers work and living space for up to artists/writers for stays of 1 month with 1-2 staff artists living with the residents in the Art House during the residency season.

The residency season runs from June 1st through September 30th. 

Applicants in the following fields are eligible to apply: drawing, painting, printmaking (linocut and wood cut), mixed media, new media, digital photography, sculpture/installation, land art, bookmaking, performance/video art, interdisciplinary arts, literature, socially engaged practices and cultural research.










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