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 Volkovo Project Space 



The Volkovo Project Space is a multi-dimensional space that is used for growing our gardens and fruit trees, composting, small art related projects, and gatherings.  Located in the  hill village Kuchkovo on the outskirts of Skopje, 3.5 miles (6 kilometers) from the Art House and is accessible by public transportation or car.

The organic gardens located at the Project Space are maintained by the resident artists and Brashnar staff members during the residency, with seasonal fruits and vegetables available to all artists to harvest for personal use. All residents along with the staff are required to take part in the garden duties spending 3-5 hours per month learning the ins and outs of small-scale, organic, urban gardening along with food preservation and storage. Garden work will include possible planting of crops, fieldwork, production, harvest, and post-harvest handling, depending on the season and needs of the garden. During the August/September residency sessions, resident artists participate in traditional Balkan food preservation techniques like pickling, making ajvar, pindjur, or marmalade.

Brashnar staff members also use the Volkovo Project Space to prepare traditional Macedonian meals for resident artists.


The Project Space and its surrounding hill area is available for resident artists to pursue collaborative projects, video or live performance, or small scale land art projects as well as installation of small - mid sized sculptures.























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