Garden Activities 

Each month resident artists participate in garden related activities such as harvesting fruits, berries, or vegetables while learning how to maintain a garden at The Volkovo Project Space.  In the months of August and September staff members and resident artists take part in traditional Balkan food preservation techniques like making Ajvar, tomato sauce, marmalade or pickling. The Volkovo Project Space is also a great place to enjoy some relaxation time and to get away from the city. 

The Garden

Garden Maintenance in May

Harvesting Onions in July

Purple Plums in August

Harvesting purple plums in August

Harvesting Aronia Berries in July

Harvesting strawberries thruought the summer season

Prepping the Fresh Mint leaves for drying

Summer Maintanence of the Garden: weeding

Harvesting rassberries at the end of May through July

Harvesting Tomatoes in July/August/September

learning to peal tomatoes with a knife

Wax Beans in June (harvest and storage)

Harvesting Melons in August/September

Harvesting leaf lettice in June where as Strawberries from June to October

Harvesting Asparagus Beans in August and September

Harvesting Sour Cherries in June

Harvesting Donat Peach Tree in July

Harvesting Figs in August

Harvesting Potatoes in July

Watermelon in August

Mid-Summer Harvest

Harvesting Aronia Berry (chokeberry) in August

Summer Maintanence of the Garden: weeding

August Food Preservation: Picked White Chilies

September Food Preserving: The preparation of the traditional macedonian red pepper spread Ajvar

September Food Preservation: Preparing a home style tomato souse

September Food Preserving: The preparation of the traditional macedonian peper spread Ajvar

September: A jar of home made pepper spread Ajvar

Leisure Activities: Playing Board Games

Leisure activities: resting in the shadows