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BRASHNAR CREATIVE PROJECT Skopje, non-profit association for contemporary interdisciplinary art and ecological development, aims to engage directly in the support and creation of an environment for contemporary artistic expression and the development of an ecologically sustainable community for the purpose of enriching and conserving Macedonian culture.




-The organisation, preparation and realization of art projects (national and international exhibitions, art    fairs, art festivals, competitions, site-specific exhibitions and residencies).

-To engage and strengthen the local community bond through organized public cultural events.

-To introduce traditional and contemporary artistic practices to the local community to further the            appreciation of the arts from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

-To promote, conserve and enrich local Macedonian culture and customs.

-To develop, organize, manage and produce cultural activities that encourages art, cultural exchange    and ecological awareness.

-To enrich the local structures by encouraging dialogue between artistic communities and other              members of society.

-To foster artistic development of established, emerging, and aspiring regional, national, and                  international artists.


Our vision is a multicultural, creative and ecologically aware community that is independent from consumer culture.





- Brashnar Creative Project is committed to furthering the advancement of the arts and community by     utilizing various aspects of cultural exchange and community outreach.  

- Brashnar Creative Project believes in fostering an environment for contemporary artists to explore       and experiment with the outermost limits of their practice. 

- Brashnar values the exchange of ideas between resident artists and the host community through         dialogue and critical discourse.

- We believe diversity is important and advocate the value of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds to         take part in our program.  It is through diversity that we learn from and about one another and grow a   stronger community.

- We believe in reducing the stress on the natural environment by recycling, re-using materials,               composting, reducing our personal waste and energy use and using alternative forms of                       transportation.

- Brashnar Creative Project values living a sustainable lifestyle by growing and maintaining organic         gardens to focus on a seasonally based diet of  fruits and vegetables while utilizing traditional Balkan   preservation methods to store excess foods for later use.








* All members of Brashnar Creative Project act with honesty, integrity and openness in all their dealings as representatives of the organization.  The Brashnar Artist-in-Residence program model revolves around sustainability.  All incoming funds are re-invested into the residency and community/group projects that further strengthen the bond between the staff, artists and the surrounding community.





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