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 Food Workshops 

Each month during the Brashnar AiR season resident artists get the opportunity to share a part of their culture by preparing some of the their favorite food dishes for residents at the Brashnar Art House. Depending on the type of  food dishes, some artists give impromptu workshops by asking other residents to participate in the preparation or culmination of the meals.

Brashnar AiR for May 2019, Rene Galvan (USA) showing how to make a wrap, a mix of sushi and burrito, so called "sushirrito" 

Brashnar AiR for July 2019, Juyoung Park (S.Korea) demostrating how to make the Korean dish so called "gimbap"

Brashnar AiR for July 2018, Julia Kukkonen (Finland), demonstrating how to make the Finnish rice filled pastry (Piirakkat).  

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